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Ideas for Celebrating #WMTY17!

Need ideas for “What Matters to You?” Day? We’ve created a list of ideas to get you started! Have a cool idea for something to do? Please share with us!

Click here to download this list as a PDF

Promote the day

  • Order resources and share them with colleagues to encourage them to participate.
  • Share patient bookmarks and lanyard cards with the people you care for in advance of “What Matters to You?” Day and invite them to think about what matters.
  • Post a “What Matters to You?” Day poster in your workplace or in a community space.
  • Set-up a table or booth with “What Matters to You?” Day resources in the hallway or at the entrance to your facility and share with staff and patients to encourage them to take part on June 6, 2017.
  • Set-up a draw prize for those members of your team who are planning to participate
  • Ask to get on a local meeting agenda to promote “What Matters to You?” Day.
  • Promote on social media such as Twitter. Not sure what to say? That’s okay, our Getting Started Kit provides suggestions!
  • Challenge another colleague, unit, clinic, hospital or care home to see how many people they can invite into a “What Matters to You?” Day conversation or how many team members they can get to participate in the day.
  • Take a photo of your leadership team or patient/resident advisory committee in “What Matters to You?” Day t-shirts and send out to the organization challenging staff to participate.
  • Put “What Matters to You” Day resources on the tables in your cafeteria or staff room.
  • Get an announcement about “What Matters to You?” Day in your organization’s newsletter.
  • Post information about “What Matters to You? Day on your website.
  • If you have a conference, event or team meeting planned, let us know and we can ship you resources to promote at “What Matters to You?” Day.
  • Take “What Matters to You?” Day materials to your union or professional body and invite them to promote the day.
  • Plan a “What Matters to You?” Day quiz to raise awareness about June 6th and available information and resources.
  • Talk about “What Matters to You?” Day at your morning huddle or team meeting
  • Lead by example – start incorporating asking the question with your patients and share the impact with your colleagues. Then invite them to participate too!

Take part in the day

  • Set a goal for yourself and see how many “What Matters to You?” Day conversations you can have on June 6, 2017.
    • Invite patients to share what matters and listen, truly listen to how you can include that in their care.
  • As a patient, consider what matters to you, write it down and bring it with you the next time you see your care provider.
  • Put a sign above each patient or resident’s bed and invite them to post what matters to them.
  • Give each patient who visits your clinic a colouring sheet on June 6, 2017 and invite them to write what matters and take it into their appointment to help support the conversation.
  • Give each patient who visits your clinic a WMTY17 Day sticker to remind providers to ask the question.
  • Strike up a competition! Challenge another unit, organization, or team to see how many WMTY17 conversations they can have
  • Create a wall mural and invite people to post what matters to them
  • Build a WMTY17 tree and invite people to hang what matters to them on a leaf on the tree.
  • Greet patients at the door to your clinic or organization on June 6th and begin the conversation.
  • Ask all staff to give at least three people a WMTY17 resource on June 6, 2017.
  • Don’t stop! Just because June 6th passes, doesn’t mean you need to stop. We encourage you to keep asking the question to support meaningful conversations with those you care for.

Share what matters

  • Did you have an interesting “What Matters to You?” conversation? Share your story with us!
  • Are you a patient who was asked “What Matters to You?” Please share your experience with us!
  • Theme what you learned about what matters and post for your team to see and learn from
    • Are there common threads that your team can weave through your work moving forward?
  • Celebrate what you learned on June 6th.
  • Bring people together to share their experience of asking “What Matters to You?”
    • What did you learn?
    • How did it feel to ask the question?
    • What can you do to embed the question in your practice each and every day?
  • Share the learnings with your formal and informal leaders.
  • Tell your colleagues about your conversation. “I asked the question. Did you?”
  • Share the impact of your conversation on social media using the hashtag #WMTY17
  • Post a photo of you having a “What Matters to You?” conversation or holding a statement that shows what matters to you.
  • Profile impactful stories that emerge from participating in “What Matters to You?” in your newsletter or at your next team meeting.
  • Join us for a Twitter chat on June 20th to share what it was like to take part in the day.

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