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Spread the Word

So, you’ve decided you want to participate in “What Matters to You?” Day. Here are some tips for spreading the word and promoting the day within your organization and/or team.

Count down with us!

We’ll be counting down to #WMTY17 on Instagram and Twitter! You can download our ten-day countdown images at the links below, and join us in building excitement for June 6!

Talk it up!

Talk it up as much as you want, to everyone you know. Tell anyone who is willing to listen about  “What matters to you? day’ and why it is so important. We know that you don’t always have time to plan what you want to tell others, so we’ve tried to make it easy for you!

Ready-made just for you!

A great way to spread the word is to get on the agenda at a meeting where you think others would be interested in hearing about “What Matters to You?” Day. We’ve even done the work for you! Here’s a PowerPoint presentation you can take and make your own!

Elevator pitch

Having a ready-made 30-second “elevator” speech can also help you to talk about “What Matters to You?” Day with your colleagues. This will help you to share your ideas in a quick and concise way to inspire others to join you. Click here to download this elevator pitch!

Here’s a sample elevator pitch:

On June 6, 2017, health care providers across BC are being challenged to add one simple question to every patient interaction, in order to improve care. That question is, “What matters to you?” Anyone who works with patients in health, social, or community care is invited to participate.

Taking part is simple: on June 6, 2017, ask your patients what matters to them. Then truly listen to the answers. You might learn something new or surprising that changes the way you approach their care.

You can also get free printed and electronic resources to help spread the word at whatmatterstoyoubc.ca. Will you join me in asking, “What matters to you?”

Share the video:

We created this short animated video about “What Matters to You?” Day that you can watch and share!

Add a WMTY17 banner to your email signature!

By request, we created these header & footer images that you can include in your emails to spread the word!

Promote #WMTY17 on Twitter:

Watch Twitter for ideas and promotion around “What Matters to You?” Day! We will be tweeting using the hashtag #WMTY17. Click here to download these tweets!

  • What matters to you? Asking this question can improve #BCHC. Find out more at http://ow.ly/RgcO307xS6j. #WMTY17
  • On 06/06/17, we’re challenging providers to ask one simple question to improve care. Find out more http://ow.ly/RgcO307xS6j. #WMTY17
  • Quality care starts with listening. Ask your patients “What matters to you?” on 06/06/17 http://ow.ly/RgcO307xS6j. #WMTY17
  • Ask what matters. Listen to what matters. Do what matters. #WMTY17 http://ow.ly/RgcO307xS6j.
  • Do you know what matters to your patients? Find out by asking. Learn more at http://ow.ly/RgcO307xS6j #WMTY17
  • 2 ears, 1 mouth. Listen to what matters! The ratio was realized today. #WMTY17 http://ow.ly/RgcO307xS6j
  • I was asked what matters. I told them, and I was listened to. What matters to you? #WMYTY17
  • Does your provider know what matters to you? Tell them on 06/06/17! http://ow.ly/RgcO307xS6j #WMTY17
  • Do you know what matters to your colleagues? Find out by asking. Learn more at http://ow.ly/RgcO307xS6j #WMTY17

Click to download our digital resources & share online to promote #WMTY17! To order print resources, head right this way.

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